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Carbide cutting inserts for Lothmann custom tools


Interchangeable carbide cutting inserts assures the customer long tool life and efficient use of Lothmann custom tools

Lothmann Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. KG is the leading expert in designing and producing custom cutting tools. Since 1980 the company designs and produces custom tools to your requirements; we concentrate on tools used for drilling, boring, fine-boring, counter boring, countersinking, back-boring and -sinking and chamfering front and rear. It has produced over 25,000 tools in more than 10,000 different design versions with the bulk of the production in recent years. We warrant 100% inspection and function of our tools.

Characteristics of cutting inserts

Cutting inserts have several cutting edges and can be used on a variety of work piece materials. Accurate bores with full radius and exact positioning can be achieved. Even threads can be milled with an appropriate insert. Cutting inserts are held into the insert seat with a screw or clamp.

Lothmann sources carbide cutting inserts from a variety of reputable manufacturers, for example Sandvik. Lothmann also produces or alters special inserts to individual customer requirements, so specific grooving, boring, turning and milling of materials can be achieved. Our custom tools use a variety of cutting inserts: sintered and coated carbide inserts for example are used to machine steel and cast iron. Precision ground inserts with chip breaker groove and PCD-tipped inserts are used to machine Aluminum.


Modern inserts are far less prone to heat-cracks; a fine grain or micro grain structure of the sintered inserts assures that. Inserts used in machining steel and tough or abrasive materials are coated with various modern multi-layer coatings tailored for different materials and applications. Selecting the right insert grade and coating assures machining consistency and efficiency, as well as extended tool life.

Advantages of our ISO insert selections

Lothmann uses ISO-standard carbide inserts for its custom tools. ISO inserts are produced according to the international ISO standard in use worldwide. Inserts can be replaced economically, using a variety of suppliers around the world.

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