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Doubling of employees to 11 and increase of customer base to over 400; delivered over 40,000 tools.
VDA 6.7 certification

The company founder Rainer Lothmann have sold his shares to the MAPAL Group. In long-term orientation the company will be placed on a solid basement in a changing market environment with this decision. This cooperation means a strong technological development and better distribution because of the tight sales network of MAPAL.

The management takes over Mr. Ott, Mr. Lothmann continues to consult the company.

Purchase of an NC-controlled cylindrical grinding machine Kellenberger KEL-VISTA.
Addition of 3 more major pieces of measuring and quality control equipment to enhance quality control further. Development of proprietary Archiving Software to assure safeguarding of all documentation, information and designs.
Lothmann acquires and moves to its own building in Ludwigsburg.
First 5-axis Machining Center acquired. Except for heat treating, now all operations, from cutting off blanks to finish grinding, are done in house. Delivery of tools from design to shipping is reduced from 4 weeks to 3 weeks or quicker.
Start-up of automatic 3D tool design. CNC machining programs are now simulated before use in production. Internal coolant supply channels location are automatically optimized, a feature very important in some of our more delicate and slender tool designs.
Move to a new, larger facility in Ludwigsburg. Addition of 2 more modern 4-axis Machining Centers and a fully automatic CMM (computer measuring machine) for measuring, presetting and final inspection. Added 4th machinist..
Download and storage of customer and tool data in our new central database with tie-in to CAD-CAM functions.
First 4-axis Machining Center acquired.
First employee hired. Move to a workshop with office in Asperg. First automated CAD-design print and print-out on plotter.
Lothmann starts producing tools using a used Maho CNC milling machine in a rented garage. Development of a proprietary CAM system to program cutting insert seats, the heart of the tool.
Rainer Lothmann started his business selling cutting tools to end-users. Because of many requests, he started to design custom tools for end-users and had them produced by other toolmakers.
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