About us

Drilling, boring, chamfering or counter-sinking combined into one tool: Lothmann step-drills do it all

This is what is required for efficient metal cutting operations:

Lothmann Werkzeugtechnik (Tooling technology) specializes since 1987 to design and build customer-specific special tools for combined drilling, boring, counter-boring, chamfering, OD turning and back-chamfering and -boring, and does so faster than any of its major competitors. Our CIM production technology gives you the following advantages:

A tool quotation with 2D print in 1-2 day

We strive to answer your quotation request within 2 workdays.

Delivery within 3 weeks

Our CIM based production enables Lothmann Werkzeugtechnik to produce even complicated tools within 3 weeks.

For your peace of mind: the Lothmann Function Warranty

Lothmann guarantees the function of the tools designed and built. Possible changes or alterations will be done at no cost to the customer. Should a tool still not function to the customer’s satisfaction, Lothmann will take the tool back and refund the purchase price.

For your precision: 100% inspection throughout the production process

Lothmann combination tools undergo a 100% final inspection and quality control. This eliminates any surprises at the start of your production.

Reasonably priced special tools to help your budget

By concentrating on special step-drills and counter boring tools Lothmann can produce at a pricing level the competition can not match. Cost savings are gained even with just a few tools produced.