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Cutting tool technology from Lothmann

Lothmann Werkzeugtechnik Produkte

Lothmann is the leading expert in design and production of custom cutting tools

Lothmann Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. KG is the leading expert in designing and producing custom cutting tools. Since 1980 the company designs and produces custom tools to customer requirements; we concentrate on tools used for drilling, boring, fine-boring, counter boring, countersinking, back-boring and -sinking and chamfering front and rear. It has produced over 25,000 tools in more than 10,000 different design versions with the bulk of the production in recent years.

Products of cutting tool technology

Lothmann designs and produces individual custom tools such as step drills, counter boring tools, insert drills and more for its customers. These tools are primarily used for boring and drilling. The machining operations include drilling, boring, countersinking, fine-boring, chamfering, facing and OD-turning with bell-shaped tools. Tool design concentrates on combining several machining operations into one machining operation and combination tool. Programming and machining are made easier and costly cycle time can be reduced. Tools produced by Lothmann are used to machine a variety of materials, including cast iron and cast steel, as well as low and high alloy steels, tool steels and stainless steels.

For machining various materials Lothmann uses carbide inserts. When sourcing cutting inserts for custom designed tool, Lothmann specifies and uses ISO-standard carbide inserts, so that the customer can easily purchase replacement inserts at competitive pricing. The tools are equipped with different types of inserts depending on the type of materials and machining operations. Lothmann uses pressed and sintered or precision ground inserts, PCD-tipped (poly crystalline diamond) and CBN tipped (cubic boron nitride) inserts.

Modern tooling technology at it's best: Proprietary CAD-Cam process from Lothmann

Manufacturing of special tools at Lothmann is done on special machines and with a special CAD-CAM process developed in-house. The company does not manufacture to print, but rather on the basis of a central data bank and a tied in automatic CAD-CAM system. The system stores information on customer and tool data; it also automatically generates quote proposals and tool prints, as well as processes customer orders and order acknowledgements. The system can simulate and test proposed tools in 3D-CAD. Tools than are machined with CAM-generated tool paths on modern 4-axis MC. Once competed, the tools are fully outfitted with cutting inserts and 100% inspected on fully automatic measuring machines and presetters from Kelch and Mapal.

Your benefits when using modern tooling technology from Lothmann

  • 100% quality control and inspection
  • Delivery within 3 weeks of order placement
  • Warranty of functionality
  • Reasonably priced custom tools
  • Combination of several machining operations in just one tool
  • No resharpening time and cost because of ISO standard cutting inserts used

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